Marriage life astrology based on date of birth

They will look into the specific time to get married, the cause behind an ill-fated marriage and other elements regarding the future prospects of your married life.

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So, know when will you get married to your ideal partner by filling your birth details in the below given form and find what your marriage astrology predicts! The detailed forecasts have helped over 50,, customers since Just ASK.

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Write Your Question Career :. We have noted your question and details. As per Vedic Astrology, 12 houses in a horoscope signifies a certain sector of life. The seventh house of the birth chart signifies marriage and it is considered as the house of marriage in astrology. Besides this, 2nd, 5th and 8th house also play important role in matters related to making marriage forecast. The planetary placements and their impact on the above houses are to be studied via marriage horoscope as per your birth date and time, which in turn also helps to determine as to what age will you get married.

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It is also important to look at the significator of marriage, Venus, and Jupiter. The placement of Mars is equally important for the marital prospects.

The ninth harmonic divisional chart, called the Navamsa chart, also taken into consideration for understanding the marriage prospects. To determine the timing of marriage in astrology, it is very important to analyze the strength of the 7th house, its lord and the karaka of the 7th house, Venus. All of us are being ruled by a certain planet for certain period of time which is called as Mahadasha or major period.

The Dasha period of each planet leaves different impacts upon the human life depending upon various factors. Marriage can take place during the Dasha period of the planets that are forming a relationship with the 7th house provided there is no malefic impact in the horoscope.

Also, the significator of marriage in horoscope, Venus and Jupiter are important.

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The favorable transit of Jupiter and Venus also trigger the prospects of marriage. The navamsa chart must be analyzed carefully while determining the marriage date prediction. The 5th house is the house of love and 7th house is the house of marriage in a horoscope. To analyze the Yoga planetary combination for Love marriage, it is essential to determine the strength of the 5th house and its Lord in your kundli. Also, if the 5th house is occupied by strong emotional planets, there are chances of a love relationship, according to your love marriage astrology.

The relation or connection between the 5th house and 7th house is extremely necessary to judge the love marriage prospects. Also the aspect or conjunction between Venus and Mars must be analyzed. Primarily, the 5th and 7th houses and the Venus-Mars relations indicate the possibility of love or arranged marriage. However, 9th house house of fortune and its Lord also play an important role in this matter. The 7th house is the house of all sorts of relationship.

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

So when we judge marriage to a foreigner, 7th house is of the supreme importance. Also, the 12th house house of foreign land is very important to understand the possibility of a foreign spouse as per Vedic astrology. Besides this, it is necessary to analyze the 4th house the house of own land and 9th house house of fortune. The involvement of 7th house or its Lord with 12th house boosts the chances to get a foreigner spouse.

The North node of Moon, Rahu is the main significator for foreign Land. As marriage with a foreigner was considered against the social norms, the impact of Rahu was also given prime importance. It is very much relevant in the modern era as well. Early marriage is possible if the 7th House Lord is placed in Kendra or Trikona in the constellation of benefic planets, as per the marriage life prediction. If the 7th house is occupied or aspected by benefic planets and in Shubh Kartari Yoga.

If Venus is well placed and in the star of a benefic planet without any afflictions. If the strong Ascendant Lord aspects the 7th house. If the 2nd house, 4th house, and 12th house are free from afflictions. The placement of compulsive and obsessive Rahu in the 7th house can be a reason for early marriage.

Jupiter controls marriage, wisdom, and fortune.

Seek Marriage Astrology Based on Date of Birth & Lead a Happy Prosperous Life

If Jupiter is retrograde, combusted or debilitated then it may delay marriage. Mangal Dosha is an important factor to be considered while deciding the marital prospects because it can be the cause of late marriage. Saturn and Ketu in the 7th house may also cause late marriage and detachment from the materialistic world.

If there is a strong influence of Saturn on Moon, especially if the Moon is weak, marriage may get delayed or may not take place. If 7th house, its lord, and Venus do not have strength, or under severe malefic influences then also denial of marriage can take place as per astrology. If there is a severe malefic influence on the 9th house, without any benefic influence, then also marriage Yoga in kundli may have a negative impact.

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