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Your email address is safe and will NOT be sold. Tomorrow You are likely to be swept by a need for introspection during this period. You have a strong need to explore your spiritual self, assess past decisions, and make plans for your future.

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It would be unwise for you to make any permanent decisions regarding your personal relationships until this period of self discovery has passed. Yesterday You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time, and are interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon. They make you feel safe and at this time that may be what's most important to you.

Also, reaching out to an older relative or another mature, experienced person can mean a lot to you and be mutually beneficial now.

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It could be from someone you've known for quite some time or a stranger you literally bump into. Take the time today to say hello, be friendly and take a risk, it could pay off in a great way with a long term romance.

Tomorrow There are opportunities for deep sharing, and powerful, meaningful contacts with others, especially someone who shares common goals or ideals. Take the time today to have some deep discussion about what you want from a relationship. Yesterday This is not a good time for you to hold things in.

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If you have grievances get them out in the open so they can be resolved. Brooding and bouts of passive aggression can only lead to more frustration. Unresolved issues in personal relationships are stirred up and the underlying causes for a painful or problematic issue of a relationship may be brought to light. Tomorrow This is a good time to assert your own needs and desires, to communicate to others what you really want.


You are sharp, clear, decisive, and articulate. Your daily life is steady and stable, although not particularly exciting or unusual at this time. This is an excellent time to make steady, practical progress in your life. Yesterday This is a time for discovering others or for finding yourself able to respond to friends and lovers.

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Also a time to enter into relationships with a renewed sense of love and compassion. Real breakthroughs, a willingness to try new and different approaches to relationships are going to get you farther than doing nothing at all. A change at home will be beneficial to you and everyone around you. Stop being so hard on yourself and realize you are who you are and you're doing the best you can. Tomorrow A chance encounter today possibly leading to an intense emotional or sexual attraction when you are least it could happen.

Try to keep your head and your heart together as this could be overwhelming, the love at first site thundering of your heart moment.

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Yesterday Relaxation, enjoyment, and pleasure are emphasized for you now. This is not a time to push yourself or be involved in activities that require intense energy. Cooperative, harmonious relationships are more important to you at this time. You feel like socializing and being friendly. Sometimes you just know it's right and jump in without hesitation, someone caught your attention perhaps?

The general feeling all around is that your plan is the best one, so take advantage and move as far as you can.

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Tomorrow The power of your personal relationships should rise significantly at this time. Love Secrets of the Star Signs! This week is bookended by oppositions between planets on the home and professional fronts and the timing couldn't be better. It begins with an opposition between Mercury, in his first full week in your career sector and Uranus, in retrograde motion in your home and family sector.

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