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The 12 signs were designated to different periods of the year almost 3, years ago, when astrology began, and since then the Earth's position in relation to the sun has changed. While the sign many people were born under may now be different, it shouldn't affect horoscope readings, according to NBC. ABC News reports popular astrologer Susan Miller called the claim of new Zodiac signs "ridiculous," adding "We've known about this for ages.

The confusion seems to be a result of Eastern vs. Western astrology. Most of us are familiar with tropical zodiac Western , based on the seasons, which has not changed, though sidereal zodiac Eastern , based on constellations, has different signs including a 13th.

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Is there a correct system? That's up for debate. Their view narrows from historical to only biographical. This has advantages and disadvantages too. Whether it's at the level of "I am" or "me," Aries will advocate for you or your business.

However, it's sometimes only cuz they like it, not cuz they've objectively assessed it. However, they shouldn't lose the ability to entertain other possibilities like Libra would. Um, did you know there is one already? Sometimes Aries want to bring home the golden fleece So the Aries "me" wants to be a hero too. This is where Aries benefits from the Libra dynamic. Aries is courage.

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Libra is consideration. Both need each other. Now, you're only going to get so much consideration from Aries and that's a good thing. Can't have too much of that. But the "I am" of Aries is deeply connected to "I am" that "I am," of how "me" is a reflection of the "I am". This parallels a lot of the convos we have about the ego. Another word often associated with Aries. I'm with Aries on this. Ego is only a bad word for those who are scared of theirs. Your ego can be a good servant, if you use it.

It's a question of how much though. And when Aries does that, it's glorious. I can't think of another word. This is clearly seen in unexpected ways too, like vocally. Aries is the 1st one. I don't take it as an accident that there are so many popular singers who are Aries. The voice as prime expression of "I am".

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Okay, that song uses a lot of "me," but truth be some people don't even have a "me" to love. We love them because they've been willing live life on their own terms, sing in their own unique key. Or the courage to be "I am" or "me. But, again, this is where you have to recognize the limits of "me," recognizing other terms. I hope this burst of tweets about Aries has been insightful and helpful. Of course, all these statements depend on the dynamics of ur own personal horoscope, not just 1 sign. This is a general guide. If ur interested in personalized info abt your chart, please consider booking a consultation at my.

I recommend getting a 60 min. I also have more thoughts on astrology at unlockastrology. Also follow me at sfreynolds for more about Aries astrology, etc. Or unlockastrology for astrology ONLY. Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy the rest of your week. Missing some Tweet in this thread?

You can try to force a refresh. Like this thread? Get email updates or save it to PDF! Subscribe to Ebony SkyTalker. This content may be removed anytime! Save as PDF. Related hashtags. More from sfreynolds see all. Ebony SkyTalker sfreynolds. This article is remarkably revealing, but for all the wrong reasons. Let me explain.

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But I think what this article is really addressing is toxic masculinity: men increasingly are becoming more literal and perhaps are increasingly struggling with what's figurative or metaphorical. Cuz it's interesting that many of the replies, from men, will say that's because astrology is fake or unreal. So, I have a Gemini rising buddy who knows me well, and knows what intrigues me astrologically, especially if a politically "mundane" astrological event also intrigues them.

They've found one, since mundane astrology mostly bores me to tears. Trump did something really interesting yesterday. He published an Enemies list, pretty much 47 years and a day before Richard M. I and he are helping you feel more secure and well-appreciated.

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Now I encourage you to cash in on all that support. As Rob has told me, it's time for you Cancerians to reach new heights in your drive to express your unique self. The ghost orchid is a rare white wildflower that disappeared from the British countryside around The nation's botanists declared it officially extinct in But four years later, a tenacious amateur located a specimen growing in the West Midlands area. The species wasn't gone forever, after all.

I foresee a comparable revival for you in the coming weeks, Leo. An interesting influence or sweet thing that you imagined to be permanently defunct may return to your life. Be alert!

http://nn.threadsol.com/38121-app-to.php The ancient Greek poet Sappho described "a sweet-apple turning red high on the tip of the topmost branch. It was just too high. Let's use this scenario as a handy metaphor for your current situation, Virgo.