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In this, I mean planets. When it comes to houses, it can show a lot of motivation and goal making. Suppression is usually present when Saturn is retrograde or poorly aspected. These people can become very supportive of each other. The creativity of this house can make these people creative in their way of comforting. Stop making him seem mean. Saying moon in 7th creates relationship dependency is like saying moon in 4th causes parental or family dependency. Stop saying that. Moon in 7th is just where these people are more emotionally fulfilled.

These people are in tune with the beauty of life. They are charming and easy-going. They are very romantic, but they too often get tied up into the thought that a prince or princess will come for them rather than they find a lover themselves. With that being said though, they do possess a magnetic attraction and a lot of people will fall for their charms. This aspect softens the masculinity parts of you into feminine and gentle pursuit. Sun semi-sextile Venus When the Sun and Venus are 30 degrees apart 2 degree orb it creates a semi-sextile. A weaker aspect, but still have some influence on the individual.

Conjunct: Unity

These people are cheerful, good humoured, and optimistic. Semi-sextile is a 12th harmonic aspect, so with that vibe you can imagine that the influence this aspect creates will almost go unnoticed. Sun semi-square Venus When the Sun and Venus are 45 degrees apart 4 degree orb, but the closer, the stronger it creates the semi-square. This is another weaker aspect, but it does create a strong pursuit for talent in music and dance. These people also seem to be strongly inclined to female offspring.

These people are sensitive and somewhat shy still keeping in mind that this is a minor aspect so major aspects elsewhere in the chart can say something else. Since this is technically a discordant aspect, the shyness is rooted from insecurity. Again, Mercury and Venus can only be so far apart, that is, never more than 76 degrees apart.

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So with that being said, the possible aspects that can be made are the conjunction, semi-sextile, semi-square, sextile, quintile, decile, and semi-decile. Mercury conjunct Venus The mind is very refined and artistic. According to C. You can imagine people with this aspect being quite proficient in writing, music, or speaking, especially when this aspect is in the 3rd or 5th house. Mercury sextile Venus Great placement for musicians; it combines the mind with artistic abilities.

Friendly, charming, and social, may come off a little fake though unless of course, the rest of the chart says otherwise.

The CAPRICORN X AQUARIUS Relationship: Semi-Sextile

Like all harmonious Venus-Mercury aspects, you have a way with words; a great conversationalist. Mercury semi-sextile Venus Very minor aspect so again, it may go unnoticed, but because it is harmonious, it still has its intellect and charm to it.

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Like the sextile, the individual can be a good speaker. I would consider this another good placement for musicians just because semi-sextiles are 12th harmonics so therefore there could be some Neptune vibes drawing in there. Artistic ability is definitely there, but will need to seek it out even harder than the sextile. Mercury semi-square Venus The 8th harmonic sprouting from a semi-square could potentially make the individual possessive, perceptive, seductive, and manipulative.

An alluring charm to the way they communicate to others. Can sometimes be negative for relationships if the controlling aspects to this placement are indeed prominent. Moon - Venus Aspects Moon conjunct Venus If prominent in the native chart, they have a calm and gentle presence. There is a strong appreciation for love, beauty, and art. Generally all around affectionate, charming, and trusting. Strong motherly character to them. A very good placement for people who wish to have children as it symbolizes harmonious family life.

Moon sextile or trine Venus Quite similar to the conjunction in the sense that they are very artistic. Blessed with charm and attractiveness. Financially a good placement as well, money is hardly an issue unless badly afflicted somewhere else in the chart.

The trine comes more naturally than the sextile. Moon square Venus Difficult and afflicted position for Venus. The individual feels a sense of melancholy around the idea of love and beauty, there may be some insecurities around that as well. There are strong insecurities to bring the effeminate side of the person out, they hide it through aggressiveness and toughness.

To overcome this hard aspect, the person needs to accept genuine love where it is given, do not shut it out.

The Tale of the Inconjuncts: Part Three, the semi-sextile

Financially, the individual should look to earthy aspects in their chart to handle money better and for stability. Work on being more loving unconditionally. Moon opposite Venus This aspect is not as difficult to handle as the square, but there is work involved. There are fears of being unloved and difficulties with handling finances.

Sextile - Aspect in the Chart

Again, accept genuine love where it is given and give love where it is deserved. I feel this aspect can also be overcome by a strong relationship between them and their lover or them and the mother. Disconnection of the mother through this aspect tends to have very negative affects on the individual. Venus conjunct Mars While conjunctions are commonly seen as harmonious, they are actually in fact neutral and in this case, the powerful combination of Venus and Mars can actually be quite difficult.

Depending on where Venus and Mars are positioned will depict just how this aspect will act the Venus side of this aspect may smother Mars if Venus is in an empowering sign and vice versa. The overpowering Venus will favour fairness, love, and harmony, but will also be lazy, superficial, etc. Lust and power could be a big thing for Mars placed here.

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Can make the individual moody and reckless, but brave. Both extremes can be balanced by focusing on the one that is being weakened. Venus sextile or trine Mars Harmony between the spirit and animal self. Makes a strong, enthusiastic, courageous character. Very good placement for health, makes for a generally robust and healthy body. Great love of life and they tend to just effortlessly tread through life like a warrior. Affectionate and kind.

Makes the individual magnetically attractive to the opposite sex.