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Successful applicants will be notified by the end of October Please note that the AA Board's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. To get a copy join the Astrological Association or buy singly. Frank C. A seminal piece of work. Last call for your Tem Tarriktar memories or observations for our special tribute running in Sep-Oct issue.

Email to editor Victor Olliver: Volliver5 aol. Max words If you knew him and have an anecdote, up to words. The passing of Tem Tarriktar, founding editor of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, is very sad news; and we extend our heartfelt good wishes to his family, friends and team at the magazine. We shall run a tribute section to Tem in our Sep-Oct issue. If you would like to contribute to this, please email the editor Victor Olliver: journal astrologicalassociation. If you knew him, worked with him, have a personal recollection or observation to make on his legacy, please get in touch.

We'd need contributions within three weeks.

A Conversation with Christine Chalklin - The Astrological Association Student Corner

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Pluto and the creative arts and Republished from The Astrological Journal at Astrodienst by arrangement. Thanks ValDobson. Shannon Rae. Shannon came to Astrology while completing her BSc in Math and Chemistry, finding equally relevant information held within the seemingly dichotomous disciplines. In addition to being a professional schoolteacher, Shannon is a longtime Steering Committee member of the Manitoba Astrology Association and an accredited teacher through the Canadian Association of Astrological Education.

Website: www. Alex Trenoweth. Britanie LeClair. Britanie is a practicing astrologer, cosmological researcher and professional writer hailing from Sudbury, Ontario. Britanie utilizes a blend of modern and traditional practices with a focus on evolutionary and forensic astrology. Vincent Godbout.

About Chris Brennan

Mathematician, mentalist, astrologer, and designer of the Mastro Astrological Software expert system, Vincent holds a certificate in college education, a B. From to , he was a professor of mathematics. He is also the author of a French adaptation of the best seller Thomas and Finney's Differential and Integral Calculus. Quite passionate about astrology since , in he becomes the owner of the astrological bookstore Nouvel Athanor where, in collaboration with Axel Harvey, he will be the first to offer computerized services to Montreal astrologers.

In the s, he lectured on research and statistics in astrology as well as on Cosmobiology. Ancient Timing Techniques: Annual Profections - Chris Brennan Annual profections are a timing system to determine when certain planets will be activated in a birth chart. Not all planets are activated at all times - the natal potential of a planet lies dormant until it is awakened as a time-lord, at which point the full potential becomes unleashed. This workshop will include a method that can be used to determine how specific topics will play out in each year of the native's life.

You and Your House System - Dr Bernadette Brady Some people are spatial, good with design, buildings or aesthetics, while other people are good with time. The great performer is different to the great administrator or organiser! By changing the house system of division, you can gain an insight into how a person deals with temporal, spatial or divine issues.

LCAA Monthly Meeting: April 22nd, 12222

This is a hands-on workshop, so bring along your chart in different house systems. But is it the same for other planets on the Nodes? We will explore how these powerful alignments can intensify our own development in the natal chart or by transit and potentially change the course of our destiny. Timing Peaks and Transitions in Your Career and Life Direction - Chris Brennan In this workshop attendees will learn how to use the time-lord technique known as zodiacal releasing to time peak periods and transitions in a person's career and life direction.

Attendees will learn how to apply the technique to their own chart in order to divide their life into chapters and subsections, and then identify high points and low points in their career, as well as periods when changes in life direction are more likely. Chiron in Aries: What Kind of Warrior? During the first part we shall examine Chiron's meaning and symbolism in this Mars-ruled sign of Aries; the second part will consist of personal work and a guided imagery which we will process together.

Bring your own horoscope sharing it with the group is optional. Applying the Philosophy of the Astrological Quadrants in Theory and Practice - Alexander von Schlieffen The origin of the theory of the astrological quadrants is based on Aristoteles' writings on the four causes causa materialis, causa efficiens, causa formalis and causa finalis. Once we understand the inner dynamics of Aristoteles' thoughts, we can easily apply them to any birth chart.

This will allow us to get a very quick overview and dive into the core of the interpretation. And it is a lot of fun, too. Astrologers often cite intuition as essential in reading a chart, but the term is usually left vague. This talk will consider three different forms that intuition may take, and look at the implications of each for astrological practice. A discussion of the paranormal will be part of this.


Are we all subject to a cosmic joke? How is it that the systems and methods of astrology fit with our experiences? How is it that we are born, a little innocent creature, at a specific date, time and worldly place and we are immediately blessed with not only a birth chart that will encapsulate our character, but a lifetime of transits, progressions and directions every year for the whole of our lives to come?

This lecture may raise more questions than it answers! The stars are a part of the fabric of our personal cosmic union. In the fourth century B. By returning to Plato's poetic ideas we can apply this to contemporary charts, which gives a surprising insight into the person that exists before their horoscope. Christos Archos - Towards a Social Constructive Astrology Sometimes books and counsellors carry the social construction of their culture.

Working towards multicultural societies, how we can change our interpretation of astrological phenomena so that we can be more useful and constructive in the future? And how can we overcome our socially-constructed inhibitions? Did it transform the world into better place? Tania Daniels - An Astrological Manifest: Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper Precise information on quadruplicities, triplicities, the elements, the zodiac, physiognomy and the Fibonacci frequencies - visible only to the initiated - are all built into this magnificent opera and finally lead to the discovery of celestial music.

For the QHP: Petros Eleftheriadis - Horary Astrology without Significators and without Questions Horary practitioners often spend too much time trying to find the correct significators for every question and forget to do the basics, which in many cases provide you with the answer.

These basics are so important that sometimes you can give a YES or a NO answer without even knowing what the question is. Lilith is connected to justice, equal rights and challenging the status quo, which we need at this time in history. Sue will share the mythology of Lilith and how it is expressed in famous charts.

For the Lodge: Adam Fronteras - WannaCry, the Love Bug and other Computer Maladies: Using Astrology to Diagnose Computer Meltdown If astrology works on some sort of method of altering the brain's electronic impulses, or on an 'as above so below' clockwork synchronicity, then an astrological approach may well help us to diagnose why Siri is refusing to wake up, Alexa is feeling blue or your laptop refuses to dance.

It's important to see the main channel through which the relationship is manifested. That is usually represented by aspects, which give or take away the energy in the relationship. Margaret Gray and Dr Armand Diaz - An Astrological History of Sexuality Using the outer planets as a guide to generational ideals and assumptions, we'll follow the transformation of attitudes about sexuality in the West since the discovery of Uranus, with an emphasis on astrological generations of the past 50 years.

We'll also look at how current and upcoming transits can support us in creating a more inclusive and life-enhancing experience of sexuality for everyone. The Dreyfus Affair, Watergate, Wikileaks: the truth-seekers involved had a Pluto-Moon aspect, as did those who kept secrets to protect their personal power. What differences and similarities are present in their charts? Whether your client is a paying customer or a friend, what do they bring to the chart reading?

Have clients' questions changed over time or are there core questions that never change? For the LSA: Stefanie James - Transformers: Robots in Disguise From to a rare planetary event occurred which propelled the evolution of mankind into hyper-speed. In this talk, Stefanie will look at the unique gifts that the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of bestowed upon the world and consider the potential impact of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

What are the crucial dimensions of this notorious conjunction ahead of the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle? Hakan will focus his attention on different dynamics of transmutation and restructuring that resonates with this potent combination. In this talk Lee examines the consequences of our emergence from the earth element to the air element in , and what changes this will produce.